Question about spray in liner?

Question about spray in liner?


85 CJ 7 Straight 6, currently being lifted and tuned.
For those of you who have done spray in liners in the tub did you remove the roll bar, and transmission cover? Also what did you do about the floor drain holes? Did you plug then first? Thanks.
I rolled on Durabac Bedline in my Jeep, and yes I had the roll bar out( had to patch floor anyway) and drain holes unplugged, I had transmission cover off for refabing for NV 4500 tranny, coated it inside and out.
I removed roll bar, seats tranny cover and drain plugs. I used a product called Hippo Liner. I have also used it on my hard top and home made nerf bars. I sprayed everything except the tranny cover which I rolled for a different texture. I then fastened it down with stainless screws and cupped washers.

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