Radiator leak help

Radiator leak help

1984 CJ7

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1984 CJ-7, 258 (rebuilt), 5 speed (rebuilt), softtop, Goodyear DuraTrac's
So, I walk out to the garage and see some coolant on the floor.. WTF I look under the car and it is coming from the lower exit but I can't really tell if it is the seal of the hose or the outlet tube itself. I have tightening the worm screw clamps and have two on there now. Are these known for failure on the outlet itself?

Wierd as it just started out of thin air.
Make sure you look really close to make sure it is not coming out of the weep hole on the water pump and running down onto the lower hose. If it is coming out of the weep hole you need a new water pump.
yeah, i looks and it is dry so i am not sure where it's coming from.
So, my radiator just stopped leaking out of the blue. Nothing leaking at all. That is very strange.
With anti- freeze you can get cold leaks. It sounds weird but it does it. If you need two hose clamps ,I think I would change out the hoses and at that time check fittings for crackes or nickes. Also with worm drive clamps you can over tighten the hose and cause leaks and damage the hose.

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