Rear drive shaft advice needed!

Rear drive shaft advice needed!


Chattanooga, Tn
1979 CJ5 360ci 6" lift 37" tires full roll cage
Alright first off I love my jeep but I could stand to know more about my rig. I was driving home from work the other day and started smelling a funny smell then 5-10 minutes later my rear drive shaft was disconnected from my transfer case beating my exhaust to submission. I put it in 4 high and limped to the nearest gas station and waited for the tow truck. He's a picture of the damage (or at least the best one I could take in the pitch black dark) linked at the bottom.

It appears to me that the drive shaft is still usable that I only need the sliding yoke correct? or should I go with a new drive shaft complete setup?

Also something of note. The part unknown to me where the U joint at the top of the drive shaft where it connects to the transfer case was worn and I could see silver/clean looking metal. What is this part?

Also judging by the picture and the pictures I've seen online it appears my drive shaft is a little beefier than most I've seen as replacements. Any thoughts here would also be helpful! Because until I can get this thing figured out I'm dead in the water. Some specs on my Jeep are 1979 CJ5 T-150 3 speed 360ci conversion 4" suspension lift 2" body 37" Iroks

Any advise/input appreciated!
what does it have for a transfer case? the other end is still connected to the transfer case right? it looks to me it slipped out of each part because there is too much lift and a stock drive shaft. looks like a call to tom woods driveshafts is in order.
The other end is gone! Hopefully not in the grill of the guy behind me on the interstate! I honestly don't know which t case it has and it's at the shop so I can't eye/google compare it :/. I called the shop and the guy told me the distance from u joint to u joint was 20.5" I found a used shaft at a junk yard for $100 that measures 19" compressed 23" extended. Which matches NONE of the results I found while shopping online! the ones I've found online are 13.875" compressed and 26.5" compressed. Confused!
As it looks to me, your drive line is toast. No sure what damage it may have done to the transfer case but assuming only your exhaust system suffered from the pounding and the yokes at both the case and the differential are still good I would agree with Jamie. This is not the time to get cheap, call Tom Woods or at least a reputable driveline shop in your area and have them make up a new shaft based on the dimensions between the yokes. I would not go for a used shaft as you have a lift; make it fit right.
Also something of note. The part unknown to me where the U joint at the top of the drive shaft where it connects to the transfer case was worn and I could see silver/clean looking metal. What is this part?

I think you are talking about the yoke. You might need a new one.

I also agree with everyone else, get a new driveshaft. Although the used one you found sounds like it might work.
With a 4" lift I used go through ujoints more than once a year. I would buy lifetime guaranteed ujoints.

I puta double cardan driveshaft from Tom Woods. End of problem. You a will also need a transfer case yoke, but sounds like you need one anyway.

With your lift,you will need to measure flange to flange. Checkout. His web site. Call him. Real fast service.

You might need to put shims under the axle to point the rear axle yoke at the t-case.
i would think that the junkyard shaft you measured would be a bad idea. you should be careful with it. if your suspension compresses more than 1.5 inches that is the end of the travel of your shaft. the increased suspension travel has to go somewhere and im afraid your transfer case will take the blow, and end up with catastrophic results.
Since you see what looks like fresh metal on the tcase yoke, you probably lost the u joint and the drives shaft came out and then flung the end off somewhere before you stopped.

Do what the other guys said and read up or call and get info on how to get the proper measurements and make adjustments to pinion angle.

FWIW, I wasn't treated well by Tom Woods' employees. I saw some good reviews on here about a CJTatton which I found on EBAY. Called the guy, answered right away and was very helpful. Haven't received the shaft yet so no comments on that.
Thanks for the suggestions everyone. We ended up taking the slip yoke off of the junkyard shaft and putting it on my shaft because my shaft apparently is custom/lengthened. Replacing all of the ujoints and servicing my dif with new grease and seals. I'm planning a little restore for my jeep and I was going to start with the interior but after getting a clue of the beast which lurks beneath I believe I'm going to start with the moving parts!


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