rear marker lights

rear marker lights


Watertown, NY
83 CJ-7, 6 cyl. with Howell TBI kit, TF 727 transmission Dana 300 twin stick, 2.5" suspension, 1" body lift, currently under repairs,
99 TJ, 6 cyl., 4" suspension lift on 33s
So I been working on my wiring and after looking at the wiring diagram there is only one marker light in the rear. Upon opening the covers of the taillights, only the drivers side has a marker light inside. Is this correct or did a PO mess something up changing stuff.

Also I was talking to somebody about his CJ7 Laredo and noticed his rear marker lights (both sides) are on the side of the rear quarter panel, not apart of the tailight. He said that those were factory and I don't recal seeing any other CJs like that. Any input?
Is the passenger side just missing the bulb or the socket and bulb. If it's just missing the bulb replace it.. Missing the socket replace the housing.

I have never seen a marker light on the sides of a CJ except for the front flares.
Now that I look at it the housing looks new on pass. side so I think it was replaced and ther is no socket or lens on the side of house for the marker.
Can you post a pic of the new and old lights.. If I get the chance today I'll post a pic of some stock housings. I think there should only be two bulbs in the housings. 1 bulb is brake, marker & blinker all in one (dual filament) the other bulb is your reverse. The PO may have installed a trailer light housing.
They make 2 kinds of taillights. the early ones did not have side marker lights, the later ones had side marker lights. Sounds like the PO mixed them up for you. You will have to buy a new tail light assy. with a marker light.

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