Recommend Gearing for 33-12.50-15's

Recommend Gearing for 33-12.50-15's


86 CJ7 Laredo Black
The Jeep was totally gone thru, 124k original miles on body,
New Crate engine and Trans, Weber Carb, Interior replaced back to stock, Dana 44 Rear, Dana 35 Front, 2.5 " Suspension Lift 1" body 33-12.50 Tires on Mickey Thompson Wheels, New Dupont Paint
Which I dont think this will really matter but i plan on going with 16's, i dont want to go bigger than that but i could live with a 17" wheel.
The 15's are so over priced its ridiculous and there are so many other tire options for the 16-17 wheel sizes and they are cheaper,
My only problem is I got a practically brand new set of tires and Mickey Thompson Classic 2 wheels,
Im sure I could sell them,
I may decide to just ride these till they get more miles on them, and its time to replace the tires and sell the 5 wheels, I dont think they will be hard to sell,
I been keeping my eye out locally for someone wanting to trade but hasnt worked out yet,
opinions appreciated,
I was thinking 4.11's would do the job probably,
I dont want to jump up to 4.88's or something I want it to be highway friendly but at times I feel I m on the gas a bit much for the terrain I am on,

I know everyone will have dif opinions on this and I welcome all
well I think in the end it will be up to you and your wallet to decide what you need/want. The plan you have will make your cj a nice versitile 4x4. I am in the process of putting mine together and in the end I plan on having 4.10/4.56s and and 33/34s and 17" rims however for now its going together with 33s on the stock 15" rims with stock 3.23 gears for now :chug:
When I was looking for new tires, ones for 15" rims were sill cheaper. 315/75 16's were about $40 more than a 35 x12.50 x 15 for the same tire. There is more selection for 16 and 17 inch rims, but they were much more expensive.

But 4.10's (or 4.11 depending on how you round) will be good for a 258 with 33's, low elevation, and the flat area where you live. You could probably get away with 3.73 gears and be happy. Around here (CO) people usually run 4.56 gears with your engine/tire combo, and still have trouble at highway speeds. I have an AMC 360 with 4.10 gears and 35's and still can't break 45 mph in the last mile to the Eisenhower tunnel (11,158ft).
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I run 33 x 12.5 x 15's

I do have a V-8 and my Jeep is a 1974... But when i pulled my Diff covers I found I have 4.27 gears (which apparently are not very common:confused:.) I can hit 80-85 easy on the freeway (:eek:though i rarely like to drive that fast in my jeep:grinjeep:) and it's low enough (so far) for some off road-ing. :cool:

But so far, I like this ratio... I'd say find some like set up jeepers and see what they say too. What they run, their speeds comfortably on highway and 4x4ing and that chart is pretty good too posted above.


~ JR
Well I had a TJ with the 373 and it was an auto and i dont think I would be happy with that, I had an 04 Rubicon TJ with 4.11's stock and I think it would have been good with 33's. I had an early model the 5spd so I didnt get the extra gear for gas mileage that others got.

I didnt mention I go to Tennessee and Kentucky alot and will be going up some hills and want it to pull it,
I also ride atv's and may need it to pull my quad on some short trips also,

I managed to get hit by a Drunk Driver in my 2nd vehicle ,
I had a 94 ford f150, with only 115k miles on it I used for my quad etc.
I only has liability so who knows if or when Ill get paid for that.

I really would rather have plenty of gear and get the little worse fuel economy as I plan to buy a civic or something used for daily driving,
Just wanted some opinions,
But I will definitely not go above a 33-12.50.
I really would prefer a more narrow tire but I am unsure how a 33-10.50 would look

thanks guys
one thing i forgot to add back in 05 I had an H2 Hummer SUT, And before anyone Ask no it wasnt a mall crawler with 24" spinner wheels with rubber band tires,

I got a great deal on it and I needed a tahoe or similliar to pull y enclised trailer,
anyways, I noticed so many new trucks come with 17-18-20 " wheels factory not to mention the dealer upgrades to 22's or 24's
they tried to sell me 24's t the dealer for my hummer

point being there are tons of mud tires that are recently released for these larger wheels and are not filtering down to the smaller size wheels,
I'm running stock 3.54 gears with 33" tires and it does ok, but I think 4.11's would be ideal for all around driving with 33's.
I'm running the stock 2.73 gears in mine and it does ok, it really shines at highway speed though, 70mph and I'm turning just a hair over 2k rpm which is about ideal for a low revving 258. Its got ok take off nothing special. Mine is a t176 4 speed with 33s.

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I have an 84 CJ7 that was a Iron duke with 4.10s running 33s with a T5 tranny the Jeep was under powered. I am upgrading my engen to a 258 for more power. If you plan to use your Jeep for both on and off road use you may find that the T5 is a good tranny with the 258 for a universal type Jeep. I have a 2.5" suspention lift and 33s are as big as I can go without rubbing in aggressive situations. I think you will find the T5 is better than most think it is at least for a universal app. You may find it to be a good idea to put a locker in the frount if you have a Dana 30 frount and a Dana 20 rear. You can put one in the rear but you will wount to make sure you have a soled axel or you will break is in the rough terain. It's the little things that make a difference when you are running a jeep both on and off road. GASS ante cheep and nether are toys. Good Luck:chug:
I'm running the stock 2.73 gears in mine and it does ok, it really shines at highway speed though, 70mph and I'm turning just a hair over 2k rpm which is about ideal for a low revving 258. Its got ok take off nothing special. Mine is a t176 4 speed with 33s.

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Mine had 33" with 2.73 it was ok on road and highway driving but once in the field or off road in 4wdh It couldn't even pull its self. I've got 4.10 in now and its a world of differance. I live in southeast missouri it's pretty hilly and I have no trouble with my 258 pulling the hills in 4th. Now on the highway it does run about 2700 rpm, at 65mph. Some people I know have 4.56s and they say its a little to low, and 4.10 would have been better. But if you have a crate engine and more power you might even get away with 3.73s. Depeandes on what your doing with it, More highway or more off road. I do about 60% highway and 40% off road on the farm and stuff. So I think with 258, 176, d300 4.10 and 33" is a great setup:)

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