Removal of Windshield????

Removal of Windshield????


Port Royal, SC
1984 CJ7, 2008 JK Unlimited
Well....I am 100% sure that I can remove the windshield from the frame but not so sure the glass would survive. That being said, I am just curious to see if anyone out there has a link or picture or something to go off that will guide me in the right direction.

I am in the process of restoring my '84 CJ7 and the windshield is the only thing hindering my progress! I did take plenty of pics of my CJ and plan to start a build thread to help others out there as soon as I get some time.

But I digress, if anyone out there has the knowledge to remove a CJ windshield the "right way" without breaking the glass, I would appreciate it if you would share it with me! Thanks again fellas!
there should be a section in the seal that pops up looks like a groove all the way around the seal releasing pressure from glass and it should basically pop out
I used a knife to cut the seal lip off on the inside, the glass then fell right out. you want a new seal anyway :D
I used the method described in the link above. I used the 3/8" nylon rope is release the pressure from the seal and pushed from the inside to the outside and it came right out, no problems!
You shouldn't break the windshield just take your time. Take/cut out the seals as much as possible. Lube them with something also seems to help.

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