Remove muffler?

Remove muffler?


Exhaust question --not certain what forum to ask, but here goes___ My CJ7 w/I 6 will need a new tail pipe and possibly muffler in the coming months. I am thinking about eliminating the muffler and counting on the cat converter to give enough "muffle" A little more "sound" from the 6 cylineders would be more than ok. Too much? --well, I drive a truck with a 8V71 Detroit --that is noise! Anyway, has anyone done this to their CJ? Thanks
I don't like the sound of a cat only, but you can always add a muffle if YOU don't like it.
I don't like the sound of a cat only, but you can always add a muffle if YOU don't like it.

x2-Can't hurt to try.

If you don't like you can choose from various series. Flowmaster is popular (there are others though) and has a good selection for everything from a little more HP to sound preference. 40's are popular for louder, there is a smaller 50 series (scroll down link page) for tight areas and 60 series has its pluses as well. All can be adjust some with a tip. You can get an idea of sound here.

Performance mufflers
I'm with Old Dog, I went straight pipe very briefly and thought it sounded too much like a farm tractor. That big 'ol Detroit makes a sweet sound, IMHO the 258 to closely resembles my grand dads old IH... Just my 2¢ though.
Elwood The straight 6@258 cubes reminds me, as well, of the old International straight 6's of about 450ci, especially when pulling at low rpm's. There doesn't seem to be any sense rev'ing the AMC past 3k. I usually shift about 2500 --just a few more rpm's above where the Detroit (Two Stroke Joke) is governed in my International and where the Detroit is designed to run all day long!

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