Replacement Seats

Replacement Seats


Wonderful Robins
CJ5 '78 304
Gents -

My 78'CJ5 is of need of some seats. I currently only have one and it's seen better days. :(

Has anyone here replaced their seats with junk yard replacements? I've read that S10, Blazers, mitsubishi eclipse and late 90's/early 2000s jetta(s) seats will fit with no issues. Was hoping for some feedback from the horse's mouth and jeep lovers.


Chris :cool:
When I first got my Jeep CJ5 it had early 80's camaro seats that were a direct bolt on. I also put in plymouth laser seat but I had to cut out a square piece of thick sheet metal for a mount since the laser mounts were a little wider by an inch or so. They were the most comfortable seat I ever had in the Jeep.
thats a sweet link!

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