Replacing differential

Replacing differential


Ontario Canada
K, I am just seeking out some info for my lil bro...
Can anyone tell me what the possibilities for different differentials are for a 64 Jeep CJ? One that is tougher than the original?
Hello and welcome to the site! :chug:

Your CJ should have a flanged axle Dana 44. There are many options for changing out the diff but, what is wrong with the old one and what was done to break it?

Help us by giving us as much information about the CJ as possible and we can make better recommendations... :)
- The axle is splined, hub that drives the tire and the spline has wore and broke the end off the axle (the big nut)
- have found axle shafts but none the right lentgh
- is there an axle shaft that slide into the stock housing to eliminte this weakness, wikthout going aftermarket (find at local junk yard)

We are in Ontario Canada, it is a 74 Jeep CJ 5 or 7 not to sure at this point.

ANy ideas on getting a manual for this model?

Thanks so much for the reply.
It's tough to find a direct bolt on axle as the early CJ's used an offset housing and from 1972 and up CJ used a center housing.

Early Dana 44


72 ~ Dana 44


I cannot find a one piece axle kit for this offset diff but I'm not sure you can't convert to a one piece axle and have new longer one made and the other shortened... I'm checking on that... :)

The closest direct bolt in diff is going to be a Dana 44 from a 70-71 CJ unfortunately they are rare.

How much fabrication work do you want to do?

The next easiest is going to be find a wide Dana 44 diff, then your going to have to remove the end plates off, remove the left over tube in the plate, cut the existing tubes to the correct length, remove the spring perches, reweld the ends and perches, then have the axles reworked or buy new ones. Not an easy job but it is doable.

Other then that, a new axle and hub in US$ is about $110 ~ $117 depending on the spline count. Most Jeep replacement parts sites sell them. -->>

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