Replacing speakers in dash

Replacing speakers in dash


E. Tenn
1984 CJ7 258 w/T176
I am going to drop the dash panel to replace the wiper motor/core and while I have it off I am going to add some dash speakers. There are not any in it now and is impossible to install them with the factory a/c. Does anyone have a dash panel out that could get me some measurements across and up/down on the speaker studs? And also , how long are they?


1984 CJ7

Dont have much info for you here myself as i have niether dash speakers or ac :cool: but...

Have you thought of external speakers?

I have 2 6x9s in the back with a cheap kragen stereo and actually when turned up can hear it great even over my cherry bombs with no top st 65 :cool:
The speakers in the dash speakers are 5 1/4".

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I did mine a couple years ago and went with marine speakers as I have to wash mine out all the time after trails, worked out pretty good. I think they were from JC Whitney.
If you still need the measurements I can get them for you today.. But the 5-1/4 sounds about right. When I get home fromthe park I'll get it for you.
Thanks for the replies. Been working a lot lately. Yes, if you could still get the measurements without any trouble I just want to doublecheck the 5 1/4 speakers and how long the studs are.
Here's the back speaker area of my dash.. I dont know the year it is but I think they are all built the same.


They measured just under 4" oncenter wide and square.

And little under 5.25 diagonally.

Studs are just a smudge under 1" tall and are 10-24 thread pitch.

Sorry for the old school wood rule. I couldn't find my mic or steel tape measure. I started all my measurements at 1" to be more accurate.

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