Reverse lights always on

Reverse lights always on


Denver, CO
Current - 1978 J20 401 auto, 1981 CJ7 304 5 speed and 2007 JK Uunlimited Rubicon all running 35" or 37" tires
Previous -1979 CJ7, 1984 CJ7, 1984 CJ7, 1997 TJ, 1990 YJ
I just installed a new set of rear tail lights and connected the 3 wires from the lights to the wiring harness according to the book. But now my reverse lights are always on.

Any suggestions on how to make them only come on when I am in reverse....I have now become that idiot with the reverse lights on in

I have a 84 CJ7 with 258 &T5 trans.
There should be a 2 pin switch on the transmission. Power goes to the switch. When in reverse, the switch is closed sending power to the lights.

Did they work before the new installation?

If they did, it's not the switch, but wired wrong.
Previously one of the lights was broken and the other one did not have a bulb in the reverse light socket. So it should only get power when the trans is in reverse, but mine gets power all the time and is not effected when I put it in reverse. Maybe the trans unit was bypassed, I will have to get under there tomorrow. Do I remove the trans cover to find the switch or is it better viewed from below?
The switch on my T-5 was easy to get too. No cover in the way. I think I used a 3/4 socket and ratchet. It's on the left side of tranny in the middle under the driver seat.
A body lift helps access. :)
Mechanical switches are the easiest to test. There're usually 2 prongs and a button. The switch grounds itself. Just test for continuity across the prongs with and without the button pressed. Chances are, it's the switch, since your wiring quite obviously works. Also, I've seen jeeps around here with the light plate screwed on upside down- giving the impression that the R-lights are always on... The white parts goes up...
Backup lights on mine didn't work when I got it. Replaced switch and they stayed on unless I put it in reverse,then off. Took 3 different sources to get the right switch.

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