roll on bed liner inside tub

roll on bed liner inside tub


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1980 Cj5, 350 chevy (i built myself), T176, Dana 300, stock narrow trac 3.54 axles, locked in the rear, power steering, power brakes, tilt steering, Warn lockouts, 31x10.50x15 AT's, hi lift jack mounted on the front, bed lined tub, firestick cb setup, 5 in hella lights, NO RUST!!
well i took all my seats and seat belts out of my CJ5 today. im going to clean it all up and paint the inside of the tub black. (its blue now) then i plan on doing some kind of bed liner on the floor. has anyone used this stuff?

HCL2B8 Herculiner 1 Gallon Black Roll On DIY Bedliner Kit Plus 1 Black Quart | eBay

i also am wondering if the kit to do a 6 foot bed will be enough to do all my floor and rear fender wells. is this herculiner good stuff? i want a nice thick tough finish when im done.

im also going to make a new dash panel to do away with alot of un needed holes. i have a big piece of aluminum diamond plate i can use but im not sure how the raised spots where the diamonds are will work with the gauges. i dont want it to look crappy with the gauges not sitting right. has anyone done that and how did it work?
I did my last summer and that will be plenty. The most important part is the prep work, I sanded mine with 60 grit to get good adhesion. After the second coat with the roller, finish up by dabbing the paint brush for the remaining coats. Mine took almost 4 days to dry at 80 degrees.
I used it on a YJ once...came out OK. Wasn't as tough as I would have liked. The herc didn't turn out like I wanted, looked like thick paint with bits of chipped up rubber. End it sticks to skin, took me 2 weeks to get it all off. I just didn't know to wipe it off quickly. Mike sure youscuff up everything and prep. It was tough, but a little to rough for my tastes. Next time I will spray it. Btw a good quality undercoat in a spray can does touch ups later pretty easy.

On the diamond plate, it will probably take a little work to look like you are wanting but it can be done. After cutting the holes use the gauges and a razor knife to scribe the area where the gauge will contact the face of the dash...the take a die grinder to level the face inside of the scribe.
I used Duplicolor on my fiberglass tub I'm about to put on. I had the gallon kit that would supposedly do a six foot truck bed. I put on three coats and still have just under half a gallon left.

I used the Herculiner on both the inside and under side of my tub and it seemed to work well. Prep is the big thing. Sand the existing paint good to get a rough surface and then clean it all good with a solvent like acetone.
I put on 3 coats w/ 1 gallon. Also make sure you keep the can stirred up when your applying it. I did read somewhere that the Herculiner will tend to fade in color with exposure to sunlight, but that you can bring it back with an application of Armorall.

As far as the diamond plate, I'd recommend laying out your gauges then take a grinder or Dremel tool and remove the raised bumps where the gauges will hit. Then you can polish it back up.

Good Luck :chug:
thanks for the tips! :chug: thats exactly what kind of info i was looking for. i think im going to go with the hurculiner because i can get it at cost at the auto parts store i work at part time. im going to put fresh paint on it so it will be easy to see where i have sanded and where i havent. thanks guys!
I did the interior with herculiner a couple summers ago and like the way it came out, and still looks good.

I just pull the rubber mats out from front, put down tailgate and wash out when I get back from trips.
I did the interior with herculiner a couple summers ago and like the way it came out, and still looks good.

I just pull the rubber mats out from front, put down tailgate and wash out when I get back from trips.
x2 When I was done we still had enough to put a layer down on my fathers kawaski mule dump bed. So you will have plenty.:)
well i wire wheeled the rusty spots and degreesed it and power washed it. then i put a coat of semi gloss paint on it. im going to wait till next weekend then put the bed liner on it. im going to order the UV protectant tomorrow for it.


Consider using a neoprene gasket in lue of grinding down the diamond plate for your gauge install. I think you'll find that you get a much more snug fit without all the extra work and a more consistant line around the gauge. Cut the gasket large enouph to leave a slight overlap (1/16th in) for each guage and you'll have a nice uniform look across the instrument panel.
thats a good idea!!! thanks!!!!
hi !!
i just did my interior with a product called liner xtreme, you can find it on ebay it is a 2 part system that comes with a spray gun, trust me i have seen duraliner and herculiner and they dont come close to this product. it cost about one hundred dollars. order it with the fine rubber additive (included) email me at and i can send a picture.
Would the Rustolium rattle can bed liner work ok? I just cleaned the tub and sprayed the whole thing with stop rust primer and I think I might use the Rustolium stuff. I used it for my steal bumpers on my Tacoma and they've held up good.
i would say it would probably work just fine if you like the finish and the way it holds up on your bumpers :)
Hey guys well I did the dash using the diamond plate I marked the holes on the backside with a marker then made a hole with a drill and then used a jigsaw to make the holes. Make sure to do it slowly because you might cut it wrong. I have a post about it if you want to see finished product. Good luck.
Well after some extensive online research I just bought Monstaliner for my 82 CJ7 tub. This product has great reviews and is UV stable with a smoother finish. It comes in about 20 different colors so there is more options available.
i have to say i wish i would have never lined my tub :mad: it looks cool when its clean but everytime i go down a gravel road or get into the mud it gets very dirty!! it is a pain in the butt to get clean again. if it was smooth metal it would just wipe off. but now i have to either powerwash it or scrub with a scrub brush. if i lived in the city or never went trail riding it would be great but im sick and tired of trying to keep it clean!!!!
I just did both, bed liner is good and I'm in the diamond plate 12 bucks and it's a perfect fit. Not counting my time.....Just carefully grind off the bumps. You may also need to countersink for some of the switches as they may not be long enough. Just takes a little time.

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