Build Thread Scottys84 Project

Build Thread Scottys84 Project


Glendale, Az
1984 CJ-7 Laredo, 258, 999, 300, 20, 30
Well, I'm very new to this site but have been around Jeeps and other various 4 wheel drives for about 25 years. This '84 that I just bought needs a little work before it's ready to be driven but I figured I'd join in on the build thread section.

So far, all I've got accomplished is a new valve cover gasket, carb rebuild, and today a new tranny pan gasket and band adjustment. I got the reverse band ok but I'm having a helluva time finding a socket that fits on the forward band adjustment. I decided to drop the gas tank because the gas was old and the carburetor was a complete disaster! Sludge, grit, varnish. Anyways, I removed the sending unit from the gas tank and of course it was so corroded that half of it broke off inside the tank. More parts shopping is in store for tomorrow.

My plans eventually include a SOA, full cage, lockers. It's not going to be anything extreme, just a fun, never ending project. These pics are from when I first brought it home on 1/16. The other pic is the gas that I drained out of the tank today. Nice!securedownload1.jpg009-1.jpg010-1.jpgWell, 011-1.jpg
In March I rebuilt the tilt steering column and replaced the ignition switch and got rid of the rediculous push button bypass that the previous owner did. In the past 3 weeks I've pulled the tranny out to do some cleaning and seal/gasket replacing. I've also replaced the rear main seal. It's now all back together and driveable. The last few days I've been replacing light bulbs, cleaning grounds, replacing fuses and basically getting all the interior and exterior lights working again. Hopefully that work will be finished by next week but it's all coming along great :)

As soon as the lights are all working, then comes the real fun. Putting new seats in it, new tires and start the spring over conversion. I've really gotta get crackin on this before summer gets here.

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