seat brackets, seat risers. difference?

seat brackets, seat risers. difference?


1983 CJ7.
the only thing i need to get my first jeep off the ground and running is seat brackets. through research i have found that the 76-95 CJ7 CJ8 and yjs have the same seat risers. but is that all i need to bolt the seats in and drive down the road? am i missing something here? please help so i can get out on the road driving my jeep:)
you will need the seat risers, and the sliders. there are different part numbers for the sides (left and right) for the tilting risers. The drivers side can use the fixed base or the tilting one.
is there a way do just bolt the seats in with out risers or sliders? such as just a seat bracket?
you can use the fixed seat bases. Just two pieces of flat bar bent to raise the seat up.

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