Seat Swap ?????'s

Seat Swap ?????'s


1980 CJ7 258 I6 T176 D300 dana 30 Frnt Amc 20 rear
4in Rough Country Lift
31in tires soon to be 33's
I recently took my CJ on a trail ride and was displeased at the lack of leg room (I'm pretty tall 6'2). So I was thinking of finding some seats from an XJ or TJ and putting them in my rig. What I'm wondering is will they be a bolt in swap or will I have to do some fab work to finagel them in? Has anyone here ever done a similar swap?:dunno:
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I would say that without redesigning the stock seat pedestal these seats will still leave you too high and too far forward.

I have Chevrolet work van seats in my 77 that are identical to the originals. They are low back but so far they are the only way I have been able to find a comfortable seat.
Corbeau makes a lower seat bracket but once you add one of there seats its a little lower. It is easy to modify them to sit lower with a little welding

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It takes special brackets to use CJ seats in a TJ so no reason to think the reverse isn’t true but either way I don’t think there is much if any space to be gained as the determining factor for space is the rear wheel well cover behind the seat. I’d look into a tilt wheel. It won’t help with the leg room but could help some.

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