I was at my favorite Jeep shop today just kinda kicking it and looked at a set of Bestop high top seats that looked really good. they were styled like they were to look original. I kinda looked them over real god thinking about the CJ6.
A little off target here.. I decided at least temporarilly to just cover my original low backs with the Bestop covers, they came today and I nearly sent them back and really should have. They are made in...You guessed it , China and fit and look pretty lousy. They are only $100 though and I am getting a little tired of throwing $$$ at this thing.
With that same order I got some new Kentrol black S.S. mirrors because I was wanting a quality pair and they are pretty decent but again made in China!
Sorry for the Rant and Hope I at least added some thought to your seat delema.
I have nothing positive to contribute to this, I am afraid. The after market is uncomfortable and too thick in both directions. I found a pair of 80's Chevy work van seats, low back, and had those restuffed and re covered. These are exactly what stock was in 1977 and they give as much room for the driver as possible. High backs would be cool but not at the expense of leg and lap room. Reclining seats are of no use if the seat back is already on the roll bar. I suppose that the seat mount frame could be cut and re welded to make it shorter but I didn't much care for that idea.

Good luck with this, I can't wait to see what you come up with, everything I found was a bit of a disappointment for one reason or another.:cool:

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