Security Console Advice

Security Console Advice


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1981 CJ7 Laredo as built, 1952 Pontiac Sedan Delivery, 1955 Thunderbird, 1958 Airstream, 1996 Tahoe 4X4, 1982 Newell Coach, 1957 Cabin in the Woods what will I work on next?
My plastic console is worn out and broken. I am looking to get a security console for a new stereo and need some advice.
Looks like Smittybuilt has the best price. The question is how weather proof it is or should I buy the Tuffy or...........
thanks in advance.
OK has anyone had any bad experience?
I don't have one bought yet, but was looking at using an ammo box.

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I was considering the ammo box as well but found a good deal on the iVault. It is the one in the Q-tec catalog that came with the kenwood stereo. I got it off of CL and have been very happy. It has been very water proof. I did have to replace the cam lock but that was probably why it was a good deal. Bought the tuffy lock for it. Keeps everything dry. The only water that ever comes in is at the holes for the ipod cable. But id does noy get the stereo wet. The cup holders get water in them and are starting to rust a little, but not a big deal to me. All in all, very well protected from the rain and the thieves in my neighborhood who used to go through my old console regularly.
Thanks, I was looking at the iVault as well. Good to know that the stereo stays dry. I have a stereo so didn't need that included.
I was planning on using a better stereo myself. But then figured since the seller included it that I was test out the rain protection with this one. It is not a great stereo, but it has survived. I had one get wet in the dash of the YJ I had. So far, 4 years later and this crappy thing is still working. While I wish I could hear it better at highway speeds, i am fine with having a :dung: stereo and speakers in an open jeep. Good luck with your decision.
Just not sure why the Smittybuilt is so much less dough, Q has it at $99.00. The iVault is $189.00 and the Tuffy is a little over $250.00.
The cheap guy inside of me wants to try the Smitty.
I have installed a lot of the smitty built consoles and they work well for they are built for

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I'd buy a Tuffy on CL or ebay. I have one and it's really sturdy.

Their customer service is great. If you need a new key, they'll go as far as asking for a photo ID & current registration to verify identity. Really great company.
My tuffy started rusting after a few months. Other than that I love it.
build your own.:D

Tool box's should not be pretty, they attract too much attention from the wrong admires.:drool:
build your own.:D

Tool box's should not be pretty, they attract too much attention from the wrong admires.:drool:
:notworthy:Your skills are rightly kept on this forum for all to see and admire. Nice work there.
What, No cup holders??:banana:

Home built are the best if you can. Great job IO:chug:
I would like to see more pictures of home built consoles, Get some ideas for mine.
Found a stock Cj center console in mint condition on Craigslist for 20 bucks

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