Shift rod cop covers on a D20

Shift rod cop covers on a D20


1978 CJ-7 258
While changing the tranfer case fluid I noticed one of my shift rod cap covers was missing. I ordered a couple of new ones. Does anyone have any inside on how to install them. Do they just press on?
Yes, they just press on. Tap them into the rear of the TCase.
Thanks, will do. What is the danger of not having the cover on? Do I need to find something to cover the shift rods up while the part is shipping? Also do you know if the shift rods move back and forth or allow the shift forks to slide back and forth?
Their isn't much danger in waiting for the caps to come in. You shouldn't loose much oil. Maybe a little contamination will get in. You said you noticed this when changing the oil. If you heals off the oil change it would be nice to change the oil when you get the caps.

To answer your second question: yes. as you move the shift lever (or levers) the shift rods slide and move the shift forks.
You talking about the two caps on the rear?
One of mine came off and made a hell of a mess when I topped the tcase off.

To put it back in I made small dimples to make the caps fit tighter and used thread sealer then tapped them in with a rubber mallet. Check the manual I seem to remember something about room for play or something.

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