Show off your toolbox install

Show off your toolbox install


77 CJ 7, 258 i6, 3 speed
Hey yall,

I'm starting to plan a new toolbox for my rig. Care to share a pic of your good ideas?
Here's and easy but doesn't hold much. Has to be this small to close the hood - found it at Tractor Supply plus some aluminum and galvanized mounting hardware. :chug:
Step into the Wayback machine Sherman.. Many years ago before the internet was invented and digital pictures weren't even thought of I turned the bumperettes into two toolboxes by welding a bottom into each and making a hinged top with lock. I may take a whippin' from a carb but with a welder and torch I can kick but and take names. I kept a chain and some shackles in one and the other was stuffed with every hand tool I get in there. Wish I had a picture of 'em to post. Maybe someone here will take the idea and turn wasted space into useable space. Peace out.
Step into the Wayback machine Sherman...

That's back when cartoons ruled Saturday morning and after school. Thanks.

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