So Loud!

So Loud!


Central FL
'72 CJ5, 401, T18, D20, D44, D30
'82 CJ8, 258, D300, AMC20, D30
Had the sound system cranked to the max and tripped the breaker!

I was jellin to some good tunes...

Yamaha and Klipsch... :)

Yes I am in my happy place... :)

So - what is you 'ear bleeding' choice?

Like I said... I'm Yamaha and Klipsch -

Your choice? :)
Altec Lansing or Aiwa

I have a 6 piece altec lansing setup I bought for my computer.
It's Lt front/back, rt front/back, center, and a sub.
I hooked it up to my 50" flatscreen setup in the living room,
and the surround sound music and movies is AWSOME.

I feel like that guy in that one ad who puts on his shades and sits in the chair and gets blown away.
What ad was that bose, kenwood, ???
My living room has a massive Denon receiver and Mirage towers with mirage surround, center and sub woofer. I run a toshiba 5 disk for CD's and sony Blue Ray for movies.

My Jeep has a Clarion receiver with a Rockford amp and MTX speakers in the back with Sony's in the dash.

My Truck has a Pioneer receiver with USB and Polk Audio components in all four doors. I am shopping for a four channel 75 watt RMS amp to give them the power they need.
I have an I Pod with Bose head phones.:notworthy:

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