Soft top preferences

Soft top preferences


Grand Junction, Co
1983 CJ7, 258CI, T5 Transmission, Dana 300.
I am in need of a new soft top for my 1983 CJ7 . Does anybody have any preferences or problems they have had. I am looking at Supertop, Tigertop, and Flip top by pavement ends. All input would be greatly appreciated as I don't want to spend a lot of money on something that may give me problems. Thank You
I've been happy with my supertop.:)
xs 2 on the super top,
i have a best top tiger top that has the buttons. it is a nice top for the price but i would recommend one with the rails instead the buttons just dont get it. also mine came with full doors that have a rail that attaches the doors to the windshield aswell which makes it alot warmer in the winter. i do have a 75 with a glass body so ill probably end up buying one with rails when this one wears out
I love the supertop. I think the versatility is waybetter than the competition. I like zipping out the windows and riding with the open topand half doors. The quality is fantastic also.
Agreed on the Bestop Supertop. 10 min max from totally topless to fully covered. Faster if you have help.
X7 on those supertops, They are just awsome :D

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