speakers in my 8, mod-pod, centra-pod or both?

speakers in my 8, mod-pod, centra-pod or both?

LJ 8

Lees Summit, MO
81 CJ-8, sitting on an 05 LJ frame with 5.7 HEMI and 545 RFE, 231J, Dana 30 front, 44 rear, RE 3.5 lift, BL.
Skip the mod pod get the centra-pod just make sure it's secured down.

Have a friend who has the centra-pod. Sounds good to me.
The mod-pod will collect all the dirt and :dung: from your feet getting in and out,
snow, mud, blood, etc.

Also look into marine grade speakers. Boat stores will have them
and they are made by the usual popular mfg. pioneer, jbl, etc.
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I still like these better than anything else I have seen.:cool:

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Brock said it all...ditto. And enjoy!
Just lookin at how they mount I would figure the centra pod would be better as the sound is pointed right at your head. Also if you team it up twith thos ones that go behind the roll bars you got yourself four speakers!

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