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1971 dodge dart built 318
Noticed that bar is not bolted down in the rear. Should I just drill and bolt? Just does not seem to be a sturdy platform. Is there a plate or bracket that should be?
The back legs of your roll bar of course need to be fastened down to the body and preferably to the frame. If attached to only the body there needs to be a plate on the underside of the body that the bolts go through. I would think that if your bar is not bolted down you should be able to see the original holes through the body. The reason it is best to connect the bar to the frame is the fact that the plates tend to tear the sheet metal like can opener under pressure rendering the bar useless but when attached to the frame that phenomenon is eliminated.
Noticed that bar is not bolted down in the rear. Should I just drill and bolt? Just does not seem to be a sturdy platform. Is there a plate or bracket that should be?

I not understanding this one Germy, if it is the stock roll bar you should have 4 bolt holes on each back leg, if it is an aftermarket one then drill it and boolt it down
The rear wheelwell has a support baffle in it, just in front of the gas filler hoses on the pass. side, same place on the drivers. The top flange has 2 nuts welded to it. This is where the factory sportbar attaches in the rear. (pic doesn't show nuts)

If they are missing I would get a strip of 1/8" steel or larger, drill 2 holes in it, slip it over the bolts sandwiching the body metal, and then use a washer and nylock nut on the bolt.

Your right, it's not a real sturdy platform. That's why the factory bars are considered "sport bars" (which you correctly called it) and not "roll bars" which would imply they would protect you in a rollover. Not that they wouldn't in some instances but certainly not all since it was not designed for that.
I'm going to have to get some metal to brace. I cannot imagine that bolting to that housing is safe.
The front isn't much safer either, it's just connected closer to a frame mount than the rear is. If you want safe you'll have to tie both areas to the frame at a minimum. My point is your just replacing a worn out band-aid with a new band-aid. But everyone has their own perception of "safe".
I don't want it failing if I roll. I may look into aftermarket options
It depends on the circumstances. I've heard of rolls where they held up and others where they failed badly. But my thought is that rolling it is not the time to find out whether it will hold up or not.
If your looking to make it a "cage", try for add on cage kits. They're available in either DOM or HREW tubing as well as extra parts like overhead or dash bars. They also have tie in kits. Now these are cut and weld parts, not bolt in, so I don't know your situation or abilities.
Cool, I'll check it out. No welding capabilities
YJ Sport bar into a CJ7??

I have the YJ family bar installed in my 85 CJ. It was a direct fit bolt in. :D I am looking at the OR-FAB CJ7 weld in sport cage #82086 or the YJ #82095 bolt in to tie into my YJ cage. I am waiting to hear from the OR FAB tech line to see if the bolt in kit for a YJ will bolt into my CJ with the YJ rear bar. I'm concerned about the bolt pattern where the YJ kit ties into the dash. I like the idea of being able to unbolt the front sport bar from the back half of the cage like the YJ kit does. Once the CJ weld in is installed it would require pulling out the entire cage (front & back) just to get the dash panel off if I ever need to get behind it.:eek: I do not want to create a huge hassle the next time I need to get behind the dash!!!

I know that the sport bar is not a "roll bar" but I like to run with the hard top off in the summer and need the front side bars of the sport cage to tie down the Safari bikini top I use. I have the front bars that came with the YJ family cage when I bought it. The YJ front bars have worked in a pinch so far, but they do not bolt to the windshield frame correctly and it looks a little cheesy hanging them to the window frame with one redneck bolt.

Here is the reply I got from OR-FAB:
The 2 cage kits are different in many ways, dia, bends, dash mount, the 82095 has the door bar welded, The 82086 is not welded to the door bar. The bolt pattern is different on both. If you want to install a YJ cage into a CJ you will need to do cutting and welding and the tubing may have incorrect bends in it.
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Any one ever install one of the OR-FAB bolt in YJ kits (or other manufacturer) in a CJ?? Did it fit?? Got any suggestions??

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