Starter fitting for my Cj7, GM 307 enginge

Starter fitting for my Cj7, GM 307 enginge


*1982 Jeep CJ7- The engine is a GM 307, and all other drive train components as of right now are stock items that came with that particular model. I have taken the stock 6 cylinder motor out of the rig.

I have a problem with with finding the right starter to fit my motor. It is a GM 307 engine, it has 11 inch bell housing, with I believe to be a less than 11 inch fly feel. The mounting holes are offset and the holes are directly in the block. The only things I can ever find are related to a 69 Chevy pickup, but they dont fit, and I have also tried 69 Chevy Camaro starters because the same bellhousing and clutch plates fit them, but again none seem to fit. Please help!!!!!!:censored::censored::censored::censored::censored::censored::censored: Please message me with any advice to my problem
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Seems to me that my '70 Chevelle had the same starter that you are looking for. It had a 307 engine as well. I don't think its any different than any other Chevy of that era, tho.
What year is your engine?
In all honesty, I am not positive but when I entered the engine block number it seemed to be in the 68 -70 year models, I pulled the motor out of a buddies willys, so I aint too sure.
By the way it is actually an 11 inch bell housing, sorry my mistake.
Yes a 68 model year Chevy 307 will fit...
I must say, never heard a 307 in a Cj. I had one in one of my 68 cars and boy was it a great engine. Where did you get it and how do you like it???

By the way a 68 what? Not gonna lie, the last time i heard it running or saw it running was in my buddys jeep. But I got a sweet deal on the engine, and it did run very well. I hope to get this starter situation figured out soon so that I can get some other little deals rollin on this project.

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