Starting final phase of teamrush upgrade...suggestions...

Starting final phase of teamrush upgrade...suggestions...


1984 CJ-7 Laredo (no modifications)
(straight -6) 258. Engine is original.
no major changes except tune up stuff
Manual - 5 speed (4x4)
TeamRush UPgrade...phase II starting...this is my current thinking... seeking advice

Whats been done already:
Phase I - complete
1) Brass Distributor Cap :NAPA Part Number: ECH FA136/// Product Line: Echlin Ignition Parts
2) Distributor Cap Adapter: NAPA Part Number: MPE FA139SB /// Product Line: Mileage Plus Electrical
3) Distributor Rotor: NAPA Part Number: ECH FA159 /// Product Line: Echlin Ignition Parts
4) Spark Plug Wire Set - Premium 8mm: NAPA Part Number: BEL 700230 /// Product Line: Belden
5) New Spark plugs Autolite 985 0.035

Phase II- starting now....
Seeking advise on my purchase before I purchase

1) MSD Blaster High Vibration coil is epoxy resin filled (45,000) (thought this would be better than oil/slight advantage..)

2) I am skipping the advance springs

3) MSD CDI Module - Digial 6a (part# 6201) or should I get 6al (has a built in rev limiter) need to be educated on the Rev Limiter I don't understand this feature. This will mainly be a street jeep with a few off road events

4) MSD harness PN 8869

5) Autolite spark plugs (6) part number 985 final answer on where to gap? @ 0.040; 0.042 or 0.045 thoughts on gapping?
I will also use copper anti-seize and dielectric grease spark plug wires.

6) I need to clean/secure all grounds..except I don't know where they are located and how many grounds their are in the engine area. Does anyone have a picture of all the grounds for a 258? (I have the plastic valve cover)
Forgive my lack of knowledge... what/where are the aux grounds? (Going to get the manual to see I can check this) and do I have a ground strap in my engine?

7) Pro-Clamp wire separators need to find some that are an inch a part?

Last minute questions?
1) Is installing the diode on the small "excite" wire on the back of the alternator an option or required? I believe it comes with the MSD.
3) Should I change my Napa wires to MSD wires? MSD said you need to run 8.5m Spark plug wires...should I get MSD wires?
4) Should I twist my wires 2-3 turns per inch or will the spacing of an inch a part be enough?

My engine is original and is running but not totally right/smooth.. but somewhat close. 183,000 miles has an oil leak and carbon build up everywhere..going to use seafoam for now until I have the money to replace valves and all other area where carbon can build up.

If I left something or you have another suggestion.. I am open to them.
Thank you in advance!
Converting to the "Team Rush" is a great upgrade and using Echlin parts is a good way to do it, at least I hope so for what they charge for their parts. You should probably open up the spark plug gap to .045, since that is what is advised for the "Team Rush", it seems to work good for me. I have not converted to an MSD unit, but from what I hear it is another great upgrade. You can help out your electrical system by changing the "Grounding" or connections to the negative side of the battery from the oem system by getting rid of those braided steel connectors that go from the negative terminal on the battery to the engine block and the firewall to copper wire. Adding that diode to the "Excite" wire on the alternator isn't really needed as the oem resistance wire works great as it is. The wire twist that you mention applies to the orange and violet wires from the ignition control module to the distributor pick up coil and should have a specific twist already and that wire set should be kept separate from the wiring harness in its own insulation. Another ground wire that comes to mind is the black ground wire that goes from the icm to the distributor. You can snip that at the distributor and run it direct to the battery negative, this will insure that the icm will get a good ground.
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Thanks for the suggestions... TeamRush link is full of great details.

I just can't decide between the Red 6AL with rev limiter - 6425 - $215
or the black street fire with rev limiter - 5520 - $135

Anyone have the MSD streetfire and happy with it or wish they got the 6AL?

I could be saving some money with MSD streetfire, but it looks like everyone has 6AL. Basically if you put two 258 engines CJ7 1984 next to each other, one had the 6AL and the other had the MSD Streetfire, would there be any differences in outcome/performance?

No rock climbing for me but some off-roading, and a street jeep.
Great side by side comparison Dave...thanks. From reading that, a street fire would be more than enough for stock 258.
Thank you Dave! That is exactly what I needed to know.
Quick question on this upgrade... The dist cap I got has "1" labeled on it. I didn't put my "1" wire here as it was in a different position on the old one. It doesn't matter where the "1" wire goes as long as they are all in the correct order afterwards, right?
Quick question on this upgrade... The dist cap I got has "1" labeled on it. I didn't put my "1" wire here as it was in a different position on the old one. It doesn't matter where the "1" wire goes as long as they are all in the correct order afterwards, right?
No, it doesn't matter, just a little difference in the location of the vacumn advance unit.

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