Storage Compartment for a 1967 CJ5

Storage Compartment for a 1967 CJ5


Spokane, WA
1967 CJ-5
2009 Dodge 3500 Diesel
2007- Dodoge minivan- Wives
2005 VW Jetta TDI
I am having a heck if a time finding someone that sells a Storage Compartment for a 1967 CJ5. Anyone know why????? Or better yet where could I get one?
I guess I need to be more specific. I compartment for in between the front seats.

Thanks for the info on the rear box though.
I just ran across one of you photos of you jeep interior ( nice ) a Tuffy box like I have between my seat is to long to fit between shifter and rear area of a CJ5 from looking at your picture. I have a CJ 7. I did a little research and could not find any thing either. Sorry!

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