Swaybar bushings

Swaybar bushings


Ronkonkoma NY
6 cyl 4.2, 5 speed,Dana44 rear
I got a question on my 86 CJ7 and need some help.
I’m replacing the sway bar brushing and notices that the mounting brackets to the frame was somewhat loose on both sides, or are they meant to be that way.
I’m figuring that maybe the top horizontal bolt going though the frame may be meant as a pivot point?
And the 2 bottom bolts of the mounting bracket coming back up into the frame are just to keep it aligned? No brushing and they are just screwed onto the bottom of the bracket.
I don’t know? am I totally off tracks here? I’m not the ordinal owner and wondering if maybe someone had left it unfinished because 1 of the 4 mounting bolts (both brackets) doesn’t match the others. Any reply would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks
Im pretty sue you want them tight.. I dont normally use em but when removing them Ive never seen them loose. The only flex you want in the system is the bar its self..
The mounts need to be solid and tight. :D
Many thanks to all that replied and you all helped greatly .great site great help and great people. Thanks again untill my next problem:)
ps sorrry about my slow responce still learning how to get around here
Mine were mounted tight to the frame, right before I removed them and the sway bar and trashed it all for a bit more axle travel! Got to on easy on the curvy roads though!! :eek:
I realize this is an old thread but had a comment/question. On the sway bar frame bracket, (cast steel), I noticed there are 2 round recesses in the bracket where the bottom 3/8” bolts go. This looks like it’s for bushings. Mine are gone and I’m doing a frame off restomod. Any idea where to buy or what they look like. I can make them if I had something to copy. Any help appreciated. 1st post new member.

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