T-18 reverse lock-out

T-18 reverse lock-out
Edmonds, WA
1974 CJ5 (current)
258 I6, T-18, D-20, D-30, D-44

1975 CJ5
304 V8, T-15, D-20, D-30, D-44, Renegade, Levi Edition
Hello to everyone and thanks for the help in advance. New to the forum experience so here goes. I did do a search and found one thread a few months old but no reply so I thought I'd start a new one.
Just bought a 1974 CJ5, 258 I6, T-18 4spd. The shifter has alot of slop in it and there is no reverse lock-out. Without care you can try and shift straight into reverse from second or from fourth when down shifting. Really horrible sounds.:( Don't care for it.:mad:

How easy is it to replace the spring? Is there anything else besides the spring that "might" need replacing? Does the tranny need to be removed or can it be done with the tranny in place?:confused:
There are lots of parts to wear in the top cover that could be causing a sloppy shifter like the the Trunnion pins. You can check them from the top side through the floor board cover BUT BE CARFUL TO NOT DROP THE PINS INTO THE CASE OR YOU’VE GOT BIG PROBLEMS. There is no true “lock out” for reverse it is a feel that you should develop.
Shifting the T-18 can not be rushed, funny post by ? a few years back said they are like driving an old farm truck. ;)
The t18 shifter can get wear and get sloppy

Advance Adapters.... sells new shifter and some part to replace/install... last time I looked, yr ago, they were about $55 plus shipping.... might be worth a look.

Better lube will help quite a bit too.... eps with the hd truck trans like t18.... Try the Amsoil MTF, Manual Transmission Fluid, in the t18 and transfer case.... you will be amazed how much better the jeep trans shift with the MTF.... Sells for 9-12/quart if look around a bit

I put a GL5 gear lube in my T18 in a few months it was starting to fail and did not work well.... Correct lube makes a huge difference..

my t18 shifts similar to reg trans
Amsoil MTF has all the jeep trans listed on the back by number, t18, t4, t5 etc
Thanks for the thoughts but the tranny shifts smoothly enough, the problem is the reverse "lock-out" or "gate". There is none.
If, from second gear, you do your "up-over-up" to third you should come up against some sort of resistance before where more pressure to the right will allow you to move the gear shift over far enough to allow you to then move the gear shift up, or forward, into reverse. There is absolutely no way to tell if you're near third or reverse the way it sits right now.:confused:
Also, going from fourth gear to second there is no way to know, with any certainty, if you're headed towards second or reverse. With 20 minutes of driving you do get used to it and can make repeated shifts without grinding gears.
Regardless, there is something missing or broken and I would like to know if anyone has had this problem and how difficult it is to fix?:dunno:

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