T4 to T5 swap -- need help!

T4 to T5 swap -- need help!


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1979 CJ-7 with 1985 258/Ebay T-5/Dana 300 - twin sticks/AMC 20 Rear 3.73/Dana 30 Front 3.73/Alloy Wide Track Axles/2" Body Lift/Gremlins.....

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T4 to T5 swap

I thought the T4 and T5 were identical transmissions -- i.e., direct bolt in swaps. I was just told that the T5 that replaced my T4 didn't line up with the skid plate holes that was used with my T4.


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They should be the same as long as you are using a T5 from a CJ.
The T5 was used by other makes. The 2WD version is not easy to swap the tail housing.
Both the T4 and the T5 are 15.25 inches long. Between the tranny and TCase there is an adapter plate that goes down to the skid plate and tranny mount. If the T5 came out of a CJ this plate should be the same. Even if it is different you should be able to keep the T4 plate. Check out Novak's web site regarding the T4/T5. The Borg-Warner T4 & T5 Jeep Transmissions - Novak Conversions
How far off are the skid plate holes?
Since both the T4 and T5 are 15.25 inches I can't see the skid plate holes being in a different place.
I dont understnd this prob either. I did this swap and it is a direct bolt in. Did the engine shift from crappy engine mounts?
TrebleHook, are there any developments?
That T5 should swap in place of the T4. When you were asking about a replacement tranny I was one that may have said it would be easy. I would like to know if it was any harder than what I said.

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