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Yesterday while trying to find TDC the #1 ex rocker never really opened the valve. I went about my buisness of installing the distributor all was well. The motor runs just fine. Was it because a lifter had to get pumped up? I could spin the pushrod at TDC ex valve should have been open.
at tdc both valves should be closed, because that's about when the cylinder fires, and compression happens. Did you happen to check too see if your rockers were torqued properly, they should be 19-20 ftlbs. They aren't adjustable like on a sbc.

Droooiiddd 2
If you could spin it thats ok, if it moved up and down thats not ok. Im guessing they were bolt down rockers so they should compress the spring in the lifter just a hair and make it so that there is some resistance while spinning the pushrod. The spring in the lifter may be a little weak.

But like the post above mentioned....TDC is when the bang happens so both valves are closed, piston goes down on power and comes back up on the exhaust stroke.
if it sounds like marx, and acts like stalin, its probably obama.


I agree, but the cool thing is that I've decided that pouring my money into this jeep is a WAY better investment than stocks or bonds.

thanks OBUMMER!!!!!!!!!!
You got lucky and caught it on the compression stroke. Nothing to see here, move on.........

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