tear down T 176 trans

tear down T 176 trans


Cedar Rapids Iowa
1984 CJ7 only mod motorcraft 2bbl no emissions on it after a fire, 195? CJ3B project have not start on it yet
Okay Guys

trying to tear down T 176 trans. How do you get the rear bear off the shaft. Yes, snap ring is off, found it second try. Don't really have a guide. Any body got a pic by pic of thier rebuild? Any help would be really great. Dayle
Download section "E". It has the rebuild.

84-86 Factory Service Manual... - Page 2 - JeepForum.com

All the snap rings are a pain to get off. Make sure you have a large set of snap ring pliers (Sears).

Removing the rear bearing. You will probably have to modify a puller to get it off. I did.

Do NOT seat the front bearing completely when re assembling. You will not be able to get it back into the case.

Use PCV pipe (counter shaft)and wooden dowel (reverse) for counter shaft assembly.

Do not use RTV on the front bearing housing when reassembling. You will end up getting inside and clog the oil drain that is in the housing and will burn up the front bearing. I use Super 300 and the gasket.
thanks for the info. after reading some info. on this project i thought it mite be a make a puller kinda deal. You information will help. Dayle

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