Tf 999 wiring

Tf 999 wiring


Omaha ne
83 cj7, Rebuilt AMC 258 w/2150 carb, crt hei dizzy and 3 core alum radiator, TF999, C300, D30 frt and AMC 20 rear. 1980 yamaha chopped to hardtail!
I'm rebuilding the 258 and getting rid of the ecu, emissions and other items that arent need and have most of the wire except for the trans lock up converter. I've ran thru the wiring schematics in the chiltons and cant find it in there. So far i've traced the wiring to the 4 wire connector to the trans and it has a blk/white, org, green and red and the green is going to the bottom of the starter solenoid, I think its possibly the neutral saftey ground?? Any schematics or help would be appreciated!!
Nevermind first I posted in the forum and should have noticed and second its the nss. Should have knowen that the TCC has no wiring to it and is all pressure driven.
Glad you figured it out! :thup:
So I know they dont deal with the torque converter but what are they for? nuetral kill switch? I'm switching my auto into my hunting jeep and then putting its guts under the stock one. I have pulled the auto and unplugged the wires. now I'm cleaning it up the trans and engine etc and havent had a chance to look into the wires for when I move everything from one jeep to the next. I'm guessing the auto has one wire harness and the standard has another. I guess I can rig the wires to not interfere with the standards starting (wire it to think its always in nuetral) and not worry about it. The standard started without pushing the clutch in anyway and the auto shouldnt be a big deal.
I have a four wire connector to the trans for the nss. I never really found out what all four do though.
I'm guessing two wires are for the neutral and two wires for the reverse lights
Thats all I could come up with but the schematics didnt show it not havent fired it back up since to see if everything is still working.
I just redid my wiring on an 83 CJ7.

The 4 wires that go to the transmission for mine 1 wire for 4X4 light, 1 wire went to ground for starter solinoide so it only starts in nuetral or park. and final 2 wires were for reverse lights. I'll try and look later for what color the wires are.

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