The Man Cave Tool Box

The Man Cave Tool Box


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So I'm in Lowes picking up some shelving for my garage reorganization project and decide to go through the tool section (yea I know...). I haven't paid any attention to the tool boxes they have before, but hey, I was browsing.

I came across their box.


Stainless steel tool chest with stereo, refrigerator and LED lights
Power strip with 4 receptacles
LED lights in lid
Pioneer AM/FM iPod-ready CD player

I laughed and thought about it for about 10 seconds, then I realized that all I had to do was walk about twenty feet for a cold one if needed...

Does this remind anyone else of -


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Isn't the term "LED light" redundant? ;)

Looks good though!!
A guy at work has a gloss black snap-on box. He attatched a gloss black refrigerator onto the side and glued a snap-on badge to it. You would swear it was a side cabinet until you open it. No beer though, bosses wouldn't be happy.
Going through the old post - trying to find a specific one and... Thought I would bring this to the top... Way to go Rodney! :laugh:

BTW - for a kick - search the old posts... :)
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just the thing for tigers comeback at the next olimnpics i wonder what his caddy will look like and how much experience will she have at handling his clubs :D

i never see the hype on Snap-on tool boxes there far too expensive for what they are espically when i can build the same thing for less than 1/16 the price Plus my insurence company wont insure my tool box if its in the garage go figure ??
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I saw that box a few weeks ago. I dont think it would survive me for very long and the fridge would end up having tools in it. I guess it would be cool for a mechanic in an auto shop.
the display unit at our Lowe's is already broken, the fridge door is off (I'd end up storing the Skil Saw in there anyways...) the radio is broken, and the lights don't work (yes its actually plugged in).
Way too much money for the doodads, but I'd like one without the fancy :dung:. Just a plain hand tool storage device would do me fine.
an old refrigerator would make a good tool box just add drawers to it :D
Hell I'd buy one I need to add to my collection anyway, LOL.
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Hell I'd buy one I need to ad to my collection anyway, LOL.
I don't know, I noticed it does not have a blender on it, I mean all good tool boxes need a blender.
Go Rodney, I loved that golf bag he had.

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