This is some of the Fin :dung: I have to deal with!

This is some of the Fin :dung: I have to deal with!


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As a site owner, this is some of the damn :dung: I have to deal with. I discovered today that some sites were trying to direct their un-hosted domain names to my server IP.

What this means is that when google runs a spider (crawls) their domain, even though it doen't exist, google still adds them to the search index...

Here is a list of the sites...
Pretty damn bad huh? I added a redirect for them (actually any site I don't host)... Just click on a name and see what you think...

I rewrote the index file with a redirect... Whew! I fell better now... :)

This is just one of the bastids that was trying to use my nameserver... CLICK THE LINK... (It's OK) :)

EDIT: Changed link to a little less contraversaial topic... -CJ
I knew there was somthing wrong with you, now I figured it out
lol im not the one that posted the link to little boys
Wouldnt even think about trying the link
It redirects to (after it tracks your IP)... I figured that would scare the hell out of most of those pervs...
I like the redirect!!!:notworthy: Having young kids it scary what is out there, I am glad that I live on this small island in BFE. You get a drink from me!!:chug:
That right there is just flat out funny! That :dung: fires me up to beat hell. I learned some very specific skills some years ago, that I would love to apply to the sick bastids that post that garbage and or create those sites. I swear this planet is rotting from the inside out.
We have to keep an eye on our club web site as thoes sickies keep hacking in and doing the same thing.
CJ the redirecting thing is a great idea like that.
Um should I have clicked on that? I did and theres these guys in flack jackets repelling from my roof. Any suggestions?

I made a new one this weekend... This is the test file I made, check out all the information I can get just from your browser...
I stole their apparel.. and am outside your bedroom window. Redheads do it better? Bake me a pie !!!!! :D
I've got em too... What did you get me into?

Ok, seriously. CJ, I cussed you last night.

Stan woke me up at 2 to take him to his big truck. No problem. County cops are in town. WTF? We never see counties here. Anyway, I drop him off, and on my way home, one ends up behind me. He is about a block or so away. As I turn my blinker on to turn down my street, he throws his lights on. I am 1 house away from my driveway, I am praying I dont get pulled over (dont have my license with me, not wearing my seatbelt, I left my 8 yr old home alone...) But he didnt turn off of the main road.

About 15 minutes later, my heart was still racing, and the local cop drove past followed by 2 counties. Oh damn. I jumped off my porch and tried to see where they were going. But couldnt.

ANYWAY, the whole time all of this was going on, all I could see was that link from this thread. AND I SWORE I was gonna kick some A BAD WORD if this place had gotten the cops on me. Not that they will find much, but I have a few things that can do some damage and I will get some hefty fines and possible jail time for.

Thank you CJ. You scared the hell out of me
Like wow man, I thought I was paranoid, The black choppers fly over here sometimes. I've tried to take pic's. but they never turn out.;)
Just so you know I work for the black helicopter people.
And yes I'm watching!

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