Throttle Body Injection

Throttle Body Injection


las vegas, nv
Hello All!

I have a 76 CJ7 . local 4x4 shop is recommending Howell tbi conversion. has anyone done a similar conversion?
I have a 350 chevy in mine but, I went from a carb to the Howell TBI and would never go back, I love it.
A 360 amc engine would be cheaper and easier.
That being said I like chevy small blocks so I went that route. It takes a lot of fab. work and a fair amount of cash to do by the time you get done buying adapters and such.
You can build the same TBI kit for about $300, for $600 you can get a new wiring harness, and custom chip for the ECU, and misc sensors and rebuild a throttlebody from the local JY. Or go full price.
Also look at Affordable Fuel Injection, AFI.
I was considering TBI with my 83; ended up getting a low mileage 4.0 from a mangled XJ. Had to get aftermarket wiring adapter (Hesco) and fuel cell / pump (Trail quest); everything else came from the donor. Used stock motor mounts and gauge senders, adapted T-5 bellhousing for crankshaft position sensor, and added elec fan for space considerations. All told a very straightforward swap and smog legal (also an important consideration in Albuquerque). I didn't spend much more than an aftermarket fuel injection setup would have cost.

Best of luck.

Real Jeeps are built, not bought.
A lot of good reviews on Howell and some bad ones like any product.I would recommend it.Google Howell Fuel Injection and you'll see most of them.Whats nice is parts are available in any parts store.
Good Luck Mike:chug:
something else is the emissions certification they have. We may be able to get by with out it now but there is no telling what the world will be like in another 20 years.:cool:
there is a complete TBI set up forsale on - Howell,new in the box,Clovis,Ca

If you have the guts, a general ability to wrench and a good handle on Wiring you could retrofit a 4.0 multi port injection system to fit your AMC 258 i6 / 4.2l . In the long run it would cost the same as a new TBI kit but MPI is sweeeeeeet.

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