Ticking and loose rockers

Ticking and loose rockers


Tavares, FL
1983 CJ-7, 4.2, T-5 & Dana 300, D30 and AMC 20
about a year ago my CJ7 started ticking. I put off checking it out for way too long, and finally got around to checking into it today. When I pulled the valve cover I noticed that there wasn't any oil in the 4th rocker from the front, and i could move it side to side. So i pulled it off, blew out the pushrod, and put the assembly back together. It still wobbles around, and i noticed that the one next to it, #3, also moves side to side. I didn't check it before i pulled them, so I can't say if it did before or not. when i had the rockers off they didnt really look worn, but I dont have a new one to compare it to. Am most likely looking at just replacing that rocker assembly?
I think you should also be concerend about your oil pressure, it tends to get quite low as those engines get older. Another thing consider is clogging up oil passageways due to a poor grade of oil. I would suggest something like a high detergent Rottella or Valvoline 15-40w and a good quality filter with frequent changes. You can verify oil pressure with a mechanical gauge to make sure how your electrical oem gauge is working. The 258 engine does seem to survive on low pressure though.
Yeah I've suspected it of low oil pressure for a while, but only one of the rockers was devoid of oil. If low pressure was the issue wouldn't that cause a lack of oil in all of the rockers? I guess I should also get a gauge and check that out though
Just went out and disconnected the coil and turned the motor over. Got real low oil pressure, it was just kinda oozing out of the lifters. plugged the coil back in and fired it up and all but 3 of the rockers still just kinda oozed out, 3 of them had good pressure and were squirting out and makin a damn mess lol.

of the 3 that were squirting out, none of them were the ones that i'm having the loose rocker problem with. and after i ran it, the #3 rocker tightened up, the #4 was still loose. I think i have low oil pressure and a bad lifter.

Oh and the ticking that I've has for some time is coming from the cylinder 5 set of rockers, or at least thats where i could feel it the best when i put my finger on the rocker bridge. those rockers were 2 of the 3 that were oiling well.

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