Timing a DUI distributor

Timing a DUI distributor


Jacksonville North Carolina
1974 CJ5.
Does anyone have a DUI distributor? I need to time my 401 and I am hitting some speed bumps.

I have a GM TBI swap, the distributor doesn't have vaccume advance, it's all computer controlled.

I disconected the timing wire, set the distributor to 0 degrees TDC, tighten the dist clamp, re-hook up the timing wire.

But I am still having some issues when I give it some gas, it wants to die.

Any Ideas why this is happening?
what do you have for timing with the wire hooked up @idel?
I have aprox 12-13 degrees. At first with the wire un pluged it was at 15. I re-set the timing to TDC, hooked up the wire and that seems to have fixed it. I need to hook my tach up to see my RPM's.

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