To carpet or Rhinoline??

To carpet or Rhinoline??


Metro Atlanta
1983 CJ7 Loredo ,restored, straight 6 , 4 speed
The CJ is not offroad very often and when Im not driving it I keep it in the garage. The tub is in great shape with no rust but the carpet either needs replacing or taken out and the tub Rhinolined.Im leaning toward replacing the carpet but wanted some input before ordering.
I don't like carpet because it traps too much moisture, and I like quick access to my drain plugs. But I also live in the Northwest, so rain, mud, and sometimes snow, gets in and is hard to get out with carpet. I've left my top down many times, and came out the following day only to find pudddles of water on my floor boards! I'm definately a fan of Rhinoliner or something simular. Someone on here mentioned that Herculiner is on sale at O'reileys for around $50 per gallon right now.
I vote rhinoline! Living in the South, you know how wet everything remains especially in the summer months. We have to worry about rust on everything and it would be one less thing to worry about.

Thanks Brian
Why not both. You live in the south. The rhino always looks good when you pull the carpeting back. Both are on my cj.
this seems like a good idea. I still have a problem getting my head around carpet in a CJ, just seems out of place, for no real good reason.
Go for it!!:cool:

Thats what I was thinking too. Spray in a liner for protection and put carpet over .
i vote for both as well.
Thanks for the ideas. I think maybe the liner and then some new carpet. Maybe I'll get that "New Car" smell :D
I am planning on using Line X and a carpet over it so it will be quieter on the street I got quoted $725 for the tub with the UV protection coat and $150 for the wheel wells:eek:
I herculined mine while I had the tub off of the frame inside of floor pan and outside, and I also have floor mats. helps alot with keeping the noise out.

sprayed it with a suction type sand blasting gun from home depot, looks professional. cost about 75 dollars for the gallon of hurculiner and the $14 gun.
I've been looking at doing a liner on my interior. Has anyone seen or done the Monstaliner? Any pictures available of jobs done ?
Lizard skin there are two types sound deadening and ceramic heat blocking/sound barrier.
You can lay down both or either or.

I'd do that or raptor liner.
Probably not an issue with you guys down in the banana belt but, carpet makes a huge difference when the weather turns cold up here.
Just something random to add about getting a tub sprayed... I bought a new tub from willys overland and got them to get it linexed at the local place up in Toledo for me. It seemed a little cheaper than me getting it done (they claim the place up there does it at cost for them) and I figured it would also save me the hassle of towing it to a dealer to do it once I got the new tub. I really regret having them do it. I didn't think about this, but all those cracks from where different pieces of metal meet were still there just with linex on either piece so water can still get down in there to cause rust and I have already begun to see a few. Now I'm planning on seam sealing all those cracks and towing it to the linex dealer where I live and having them spray over all the corners again. I think this is the only way to really fix the problem. Hopefully someone can learn from my mistake. I also think the quality may not be as good as if I were actaully at the shop to monitor and approve of the final product. Don't get me wrong, in the end I think I will be glad I got a professional bed liner in it, but it has turned out to be a bigger hassle than I thought it would be.
If you find a good full molded carpet like the one Nifty makes, you don't need to worry about velcro or tape. When you bolt all the seats, console, etc. down, the carpet stays in place. Before I carpeted my 7, I made sure all holes were properly plugged and I sprayed a rust preventative down. Adding carpet instead of rhinoline quiets the ride down a bit too.
They sell them at orileys and others in the paint area or with the herculiner.
It's made by dupont.

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