To EFI or not to EFI and what about TRI-Y headers?

To EFI or not to EFI and what about TRI-Y headers?


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I have a AMC 304 and I am thinking about fuel injecting it and getting some headers. The exhaust system is smashed and rusted, needs replacing. I have read Doug Thorley's theory on his TRI-Y headers. Dose anyone have any real world experience with these? Down the trail a ways I want to get a 360. Will the AMC 304 's EFI and headers work on the 360. If not then I may hold off on that. :D
All 72 and up V8's use the same intake and exhausts. If the EFI is calibrated for the AMC 304 you will most likely have to recall for the 360.

TriY's are good, I run Headman ceramics thou - they are in frame.
If you are going to install a 360 later, build it up and do the low tech upgrades, (FI, or a good carb/intake, better ignition, good quality headers, and a good cam) and you will have more HP than you need for anything but all out racing.
I have <<<this<<< build and a set of Headman headers (fenderwell style) and they work just fine for my mild racing, as well as all the trail riding I can do. Anything more fancy isn't worth the $$ to me.
Efi all the way dude. Cold starts make it worthwhile alone. You would have to reprogram for a 360 but if it is a Howell or kit like that they will burn the.chips for you.

I did fi in my Limited and it is pretty awesome. I am about to try to put tuned port injection in my 360 waggy.
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Great. It looks to me like the TRI-Ys would give you a lot more room to work around the starter and clutch ect. I've read where some have had problems with the 3" collector on the standard headers banging against the shackle bolt all the time. ( "Great beat, but nothing you could dance to.") If the tri-y perform as well or better a Doug clams they do, I think I will give them a try. How can you tell the difference between the AMC 304 and the 360? Is there any markings on the block or do I have to pull the heads and measure the piston and intake valves? Just kidding.
Right under each motor mount boss, the engine size is cast into the block.
Thanks for the info. I ran Dodge engines in the old days. I've got a 69 Charger out back it has a 400 and with a six pack setting on top. AMC and jeep are new to me. I had a friend back in the early 80s who owned a 78 CJ5 . I did a lot for wheeling with him but never got into the mechanic side of it. By the way, its great to be in a jeep again.:chug:
Its a AMC 304
Assume, I like! put that on top of an Edelbrock performance kit. That should break an axle or two. This money pit is getting deeper and deeper. I do like that EZ-EFI throttle body a lot better than the old Chevy one that other kits use.
Looking at your profile you have a great drivetrain combo to work with I would hate to see you trash the rear end with a 360 I would deffinatly do some kind of EFI swap on the AMC 304 and if you choose to do a 360 swap recalibrate it no biggie...The tri Y headers are supposed to be good for your low end torque but the dont seem to be popular for some reason?:rolleyes:
If you build a junk yard TBI setup with a throttlebody off a 350 it'll run both the AMC 304 and 360 with no tuning changes needed and better than most carbs.
That being said however, howell and AFI (affordable fuel injection) both sell new proms for the chevy ECU for like $50 so it would be an easy thing to swap one for another.
If you need more into on a JY TBI setup hit me up.

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