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1982 CJ 7 4.2liter T176,D300,D30,AMC20 3inch lift, ARB lockers front and rear, 4.10gears, 33inch tires.
Power came back on Friday night. Just a little over two and a half days without it. Lost power at work Wednesday, it was back on by Friday. Comcast has been out since Wednesday, just got it back tonight. I am not complaining, at least I still have my home. Several hundred acres looks like Mtn St Helens. Trees snapped off like twigs. Everything bent over in the same direction. YouTube - Apison Tornado 4-27-11
Several friends lost everything, including a father.
My wife's friend's sister lost most of a $400,000 house...but they can afford to rebuild. They are even refusing aid, and helping a lot of the neighbors to recover. :) Thats what neighbors are for.
I had to go down to my mothers house and clear a pine tree from the road
there are 4 "retired" families on the street "blocked" in with no brother and I rushed down to find all four families chillin and cooking out on the grill WT:censored::censored::censored:F?
They just wanted us younger folks to get the tree....They were more thab fine :censored::censored::censored: baby boomers lol

they all had called their sons and daughters saying they were trapped
6 of us got suckered :censored::censored::censored: baby boomers lol

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