Tough finding gears during shift...

Tough finding gears during shift...


I have 2 1981 CJ5's. One is 4-Cyl, 151 (California Model). The other used to be the same, but I converted it to an all-electric 4WD CJ-5.
I have an SR4 transmission on a 1981 CJ5 which I had professionally rebuilt. I have probably 70 miles on the new transmission. When I shift (push in the clutch and move the shifter lever), it is a challenge finding the new gear location. I get it close and then sort of vibrate the shifter handle left and right to get it in. I have another 81 CJ5 with the same transmission that shifts in and out of any gear like butter.

When I installed the rebuilt transmission, I poured gear-oil into the SR4 access hole (on the side) until oil came out and I did the same at the upper drain hole on the rear of the transfer case.

Question. Is this something that is normal for a new rebuild? Is it possible that there is some lubricant in the shifting mechanism that may be missing?

I think I would go back to the shop you had rebuild it and have them check it. Hopefully they gave some sort of warranty.

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