trans help???

trans help???


i have a 82 CJ8 that i just bought and has massive bearing noise in the trans, fluid sample showed water intrusion. I thought it had a t-4 in it so i bought one off a friend of mine, went to pull my old trans out and its appears to be a t-176. will this still fit. Any help would be appreciated
If it were mine I would rebuild the T-176, it is a much better trans...
hey cj man thanks for the reply and unfortnatly i dont have the time or money do that right now, big hunting trip tomorrow!!! just hoping this t-4 will bolt in??????
I dont think the t-4 will be a bolt up replacement, you will need some more parts like the Bell housing, linkages are different, the overall length I beleive is also different, I think it can be done but not an easy task

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