Trans swap

Trans swap


Arlington, TN
77 CJ7, 4.2, t-176, Dana 300, 4" lift with 33's
Hi guys! I am new to the forum. I am changing my trans and transfer case in my 77 CJ7. I removed the T-150 and Dana 20 and now I have a t176 and dana 300 ready to install. I have twin sticked the dana 300. Any tips or info would be welcome.
Only tips I have is take your time, use good quality lube, use a torque wrench, and watch your fingers, those f'rs are heavy.
I think CJ has provided the best answer in the shortest possible sentence. But adding to it, Must apply really gud quality lube for better run. Coz qualities must not be compromised.!
When yall say lube, you are talking about the gear oil right, I am swapping this same setup in my CJ5 and I am gonna use royal purple.
on the subject of d300s and twin sticks , have any of yall had any problems shifting the damn thing into 4low ?

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