Transfer case pattern

Transfer case pattern


Venice CA
1984 CJ7 258 I6 Carter 2BBL. 33" Hercules Trail Digger M/T 6" spring lift D300/T15. Aluminum Valve Cover.
Hello everyone! I'm new to the forums, and found this while researching buying a CJ7.

I'm about to purchase an 84 CJ7 with the 258 and 5speed transmission. Reading through the forums and everything, I've learned quite a bit, which has brought up even more questions, that I'm sure I will have once I start driving around in my new Jeep.

Right now, one thing I'm curious about, is the transfer case shifting pattern. Looking at the sticker for the shift pattern from this site ( I am confused about how the transfer case operates. The jeep I am purchasing only has one lever for the transfer case. I crawled under it and looked, and it is the Dana 300. How does this operate with only one lever?

Thanks, and I look forward to participating quite a bit more with you guys in the near future! :)
4wheel LOW, neutral, 2-wheel HI, 4-wheel HI all in a line. There's an image attached.
That makes sense, I guess my confusion comes from looking at that sticker. I thought the description for it was the correct one for this model, but I don't understand why there are two columns or what is meant by "disengage the axel for hard pavement." Is that just saying to drive in 2WD or am I just reading too much into this/or looking at the wrong thing altogether?
The sticker you linked to is for an aftermarket twin stick.
You should never drive in 4wd. on hard dry pavement and it will bind up the drivetrain, always use 2wd.
Thank you for clarifying this for me. A lot of this stuff is new to me (I have owned a few grand cherokees, but I know that is not anywhere near the same thing). :) Cheers!

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