Transfer case shift lever

Transfer case shift lever


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Does this look correct to you?
My year specific(78) manual shows a straight blade type T case lever, the one I have being bent to the rifgt interferes with the fold forward seat.
The seat does not go fully forward and it want's to select 4H for me.
It dawned on me that this was probably changed from stock to clear a dealer installed air conditioner unit that I removed. It had a dog leg trans. shifter in it too but that I knew was replaced from original.
I guess my new quest is to locate an original lever.
I have a CJ7, but it's the same year and drivetrain setup, T18 / Dana 20. That's what my T18 shifter looks like and I do not have factory AC. My t-case shifter though, that doesn't look the same at all. It does almost look like it's in there backwards, I'll snap a couple pics tonight when I get home from work.
After looking more closely at my linkage and refering to the shop manual I pretty sure mine in in correct, to flip it so the bend is towards the driver would make the linkage a bit out of whack.
The t-case lever for the Dana 20 in my 78 CJ5 is straight , not bent whatsoever. It doesn't interfere with anything.
get a tourch and bend it the way you want .. i had simmilar issues with my stick for the tranny.

Did Just that yesterday. not an easy item to get in and out, you have to drop the trans./skidplate down to the point the back of the engine is almost against the firewall then pry the trans. sideways to get the shifter bolt out clear of the body.

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