Transmission Change Out

Transmission Change Out


Central Wisconsin
1980 Jeep Cj5 Renegade
I258 1987 Engine
Aisin Warner Ax15 Transmission
Dana 300 Transfer Case
I have a 1980 CJ5 Renegade with a straight six 258, with a borg warner T4 and a dana 300 transfer case. If i want to change the T4 to a T5 borg warner, is there other things I need to consider? Do only certain years work or any T5? I would like to have the 5 speed but want to figure out any complications before I go any get one(and make sure I get the right one)

I appreciate the help!
What kind of performance are you looking for from your Jeep. Reason I ask is the 5 spd. is known in the off-road world as a weak transmission.
No problems man take the T4 out get a T5 and they are a direct swap. I already did that to mine you can evan use the same shifter. I was able to use my T4 as a core on a rebuilt T5:chug:
Well truthfully I already have an offroader full size truck and am looking for this to be a little of both but more of a road vehicle. I might jump a few ditches but it will be more a cruiser. I am assuming a T5 would be just fine for that?

Would any T5 work, as I search online I see T5's from quite a few different kind of vehicles. . . Anything else I need to know?
A T-5 should be fine for what your looking for. I was talking rock crawling and higher horsepower applications like throwing in a V-8. Not sure on other applications but I know its not the same tranny as the world class T-5 in Mustangs.

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