transmission fluid question

transmission fluid question


1980 CJ7
Hi guys,

I have a somewhat recent purchased 1980 CJ7 with sr 4 transmission and 300 tcase. I am going through changing all of the fluids. I drained as much fluid from both the transmission and the transfer case. I reading some posts on here I chose to try the synchromesh fluid for replacement. Transfer case was done with no problems. As I am trying to refill the transmission through the fill hole, the fluid continues to come right back out. I couldn't even put 1 bottle in there. I think more than that drained.

I took for a short test drive around the block and now it wont stay in 2nd gear. It goes in but pops right out then it starts to grind. Did not have this problem before the attempt to swap the fluid.

I think I am going to use a suction pump and remove as much fluid as I can again, since removing the bolt did not (I am guessing) did not drain it all. Then refill and try again.

Any suggestions.

As I stated, I wasn't able to add 1 bottle(quart) - less than 2 pints into the transmission.
If I remember correctly you should have a drain plug at bottom of tranny and if thats the one you drained it from great. If it is splashing back at you its probably hitting the gears inside the case and splashing out at you......If its popping out of gear thats a sign that the tranny is wearing out and the old fluid was hiding that :(
No drain plug. Manual and internet states remove lowest bolt. Was able to drain fluid that way. Not sure if I got it all.

Had occasional grind downshifting into 2nd before this but no problems with getting into gear.

Should I try a different fluid from the synchromesh?


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