Transmission mounting plate

Transmission mounting plate


San Diego, CA
1985 CJ7
I just bought my 80 CJ5 and noticed the transmission mount
Was busted so dropped the skid plate and got a new Trans mount
But looks like I'm missing a piece that mounts between the transmission
Mount and the transfer case.

Please let me know if you know what I'm talking about or
What I'm missing!

Thank you!!!
What are we working on? Sounds like your missing the torque arm. You can get it from 4 wheel parts.
There are different holes for different combinations of engines and transmissions. It would help to know what engine and transmission you have!
It would help to know what engine and transmission you have!

This might help
Thanks thats pointing me in the right direction
Anybody know where i can buy all those parts from? can't buy them from my local parts store
GatorBate thank you! Does anyone know of a website or store I can buy most of the parts in the diagram above?

The local auto parts stores only have the trans mount 18.197-1
Sorry, that is a link that i gave you to Guess I should have said that before.

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