transmission problems

transmission problems


North Carolina
70 CJ5 bone stock still. V-6 Dauntless, 3 speed manual, like i said, all stock...for now.
ok i got a 70 CJ5 with a buick v6 in it paored to a borg-warner t14a tranny. my tansmission just took a :dung: on me and was wondering if theres any other transmissions out there that are relatively cheap and are direct bolt in replacement. any advice would be appreciated.
The T14 used behind the Buick V6 is unique from the other transmissions Jeep used in front of the Spicer 18 and Dana 20 transfer cases as it has a 10 spline output shaft while most used a 6 spline shaft. The Buick V6/T14 combo also used a factory adaptor at the bell housing. You could swap in a T18 transmission as most likely the Spicer 18 transfer case (if stock) in your jeep is a “large hole” version which is virtually the same case the Dana 20. This means your Spicer 18 transfer case will bolt to a T18 transmission that is set up for a Dana 20. There will be a couple of things to work out- The bell housing/adaptor/input shaft lenght to mate to the T18, and the right output shaft bull gear to work with the transfer case. Neither of these should be tough issues to solve.

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