Trany & tranfer Case leaks!

Trany & tranfer Case leaks!


Tucson, AZ & Mexico (both Mainland & Baja)
1970 CJ5, V6, 3spd, power steering, headers, electric fans, upgraded larger radiator, '78 grill, disc brakes (front only), swing pedals, hyd clutch, extended front shock mounts, upgraded front driveline w larger u-joints, warn OD, D30 front diff, lockers, 2100 carb, working on a '74 tub replacement, '78 windshield frame with '78+ Acme hardtop
How hard is it to change the seals in the trany & transfer case in a '69 CJ5 with the V6 & 3 spd? I hate leaks so I am trying to clean up the belly of the beast!

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
I've never done it but my buddies dad is a Transmission guy and he told me for the transfer case leak I have that he would have to drop the entire thing. He said the work is easy just very labor intensive.
Well I think it is the best of all worlds. I had found the speedo cable broke off at the t-case but did not think that was the cause of the leak. I pulled the floor cover so I could clean the mess & look from the top. Output shafts of the transfer are dry and looks like the leak is contained in the area of the speedo cable. Still have to check out the overdrive but I believe the leak is mostly the speedo cable. Will clean, put everything back together and watch for a leak. Just to regress a bit, I have to say I bought my Jeep non-road worthy. So I did not know the speedo didn't work and of course the prior owner didn't say a thing. Also found the wiring gone at the backup light sender and the same for the brakes. The wiring will be redone.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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